PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update: Leaks reveal upcoming features and modes

After Level Infinite, the developers of PUBG Mobile shared a sneak peek of exciting features that the game-changing version 3.3 update could come up with, re cent leaks reveal that it will be also feature a new mode – the ‘Atlantis Mode’. Here in this article, we’ll take a look at the features and modes which could be available in the upcoming 3.3 update. 

Features and modes in PUBG Mobile 3.3. Update

Atlantis Mode

The upcoming PUBG Mobile 3.3 update will feature a new mode – the ‘Atlantis Mode’. Here the players can fight underwater and additionally, can interact with many underwater features.

Ocean Palace New Point of Interest (POI)

In addition to the new theme mode, the 3.3 update will also unveil a brand-new Point of Interest (POI) within the game called Ocean Palace. The location guarantees action-packed battles and valuable loot for daring players ready to explore its depths. 

New Flying StingRay

In the upcoming update, players can also fly using the StingRay fish. These high-flying StingRay can be discovered randomly as part of ground loot, adding extra dimension of excitement to the game experience. 

New Weapon Trident

The 3.3 update will also have a feature where players can see two separate tridents at Points of Interest (POIs). These new weapons allow players to create tornadoes to lift and throw enemies, as well directly eliminate them.

Erangle Map Changes

According to a renowned BGMI content creator, Natural YT, there will be some location adjustments in the Erangle map. The Mylta area is reportedly being changed and there will be more houses, along with some structural changes.

The leaks further add that these are from the first beta version of the PUBG Mobile 3.3, some of the features mentioned above might not feature in the upcoming update, set to be released later this month. 

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