Team Mortal wins Skyesports THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown

Skyesports, a premier global IP and community builder for gaming and esports, recently hosted THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown. The tournament was the first-ever LAN tournament of The Finals, featuring top gamers from the country in Chennai, India. 

The event, which was played this month, saw Team Mortal emerge victorious. Team Mortal defeated Team Scout with a decisive 2-0 score to lift the coveted title. Taking to X, MortaL wrote, “Game – The Finals Champions of the first ever LAN. This tournament itself was a rollercoaster of different emotions.”

The tournament saw 20 top creators from the country make their way to fight for the prestigious trophy. The 20 creators were divided into four groups of five creators each. The tournament saw fierce competition among teams led by renowned gaming creators and esports athletes, including Scout, Mortal, Sentinel, and Binks. Other notable participants included Fa2, Vaadhi, Miss Senorita, and more. Team Mortal, comprised of Mortal, P1ngu, Redparasite, Senorita, and Pashu, demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork to clinch the title.

Speaking in a post-match interview, Naman “Mortal” Mathur, said, “I am feeling thrilled, especially with the team. I didn’t know what my team’s capabilities were until we got here. We sat here and learned – improvised on our mistakes and here we are.”

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, at the conclusion of the event said, “THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown at our HQ in Chennai was a resounding success, picking up more than 225,000 viewers so far – a testament to Skyesports’ distribution channels and power of the gaming creators. We are thrilled to be the official India partners for THE FINALS, and the engagement to the first esports showdown for the game has showcased its potential to penetrate the Indian gaming market.”

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