James Anderson “at peace” with retirement despite bowling “as well as ever” ahead of West Indies Test

James Anderson “at peace” with retirement despite bowling “as well as ever” ahead of West Indies Test

England veteran and legend,  James Anderson  earlier this year confirmed that the first Test against West Indies, set to be played at the iconic Lord’s, will be his last assignment. However, speaking ahead of the first Test, Anderson has made “peace” with his impending retirement from Test cricket.

However, he seems to be at peace and didn’t had much to say, he felt that he continues to bowl “as well as ever”. Anderson, who finishes being the only pacer to breach the 700 Test wickets mark, ahead of the first Test said, “I feel like I’m still bowling as well as I ever have.” “But, I knew it had to end at some point. Whether it’s now or in a year or two. The fact now is something I’ve got to deal with and accept. The last couple of months I’ve made peace with that. I can completely understand the decision and the way the team and management want to go,” he said.

On being asked if he would try and call it a day early at the Lord’s, Anderson replied, “I’d love just to be able to contribute somehow this week. Whether it’s one wicket or whatever it is, I’d love just to make a small contribution and win the game.”

Will Anderson feature in 2025-26 Ashes?

The veteran England pacer, James Anderson was also asked if he would be fit to play the 2025-26 Ashes. However, the 41-year-old was quick to turn it down as he replied, “impossible to say.” “It’s always difficult to answer that sort of question. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s 18 months away. It’s long time,” he added.

“Throughout my whole career, I’ve never really focused on too far ahead. I’ve always tried to take it series by series and focus on those little goals as my career has gone on. It’s really impossible to say. I probably thought before the last away Ashes that I wouldn’t make [it] 18 months before that because of the way the game is and the age I was getting to,” he added.

England will host West Indies in a three-match Test series, starting July 10. While the first Test is set to be played from July 10 till 14 at the iconic Lord’s in London, the second and third will be played at Trent Bridge and Edgbaston from July 18 and July 26, respectively.

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