Vinicius Jr. issues heartfelt apology after Brazil’s Copa America 2024 exit

Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr. issued a sincere apology on Instagram after Brazil’s Copa America 2024 exit. Regarded as one of the best footballing nations in the world, Selecao Canarinho have struggled to perform in global tourname nts as they lost to Uruguay in the quarter-final of the continental tournament. 

The 23-year-old winger was suspended due to multiple yellow cards and watched Brazil suffer a heartbreaking defeat against record 15-time winners Uruguay 4-2 in a penalty shootout following a goalless draw. This was also  Selecao Canarinho’s second straight quarter-final exit from a major tournament after losing to Croatia on penalties at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Copa America is over and it’s time to reflect:  Vinicius Jr.

Addressing this result,  Vinicius Jr. shared,  “The Copa America is over and it’s time to reflect, to know how to deal with defeat. The feeling of frustration takes over again. Again on penalties.  I failed to pick up two avoidable yellow cards. Once again, I watched the elimination from the sidelines. But this time, it was my fault. I apologise for that. I know how to listen to criticism and, believe me, the harshest criticism comes from home.”

“Fortunately, my career with the national team has only just begun. Together with my teammates, I’ll have the chance to put our national team back where it belongs. We’ll get back to the top! I love you and let’s go together!”

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