Australian cricket community comes together to extend financial help to Greg Chappell

The Australian cricket community came together to help former India coach and celebrated Australian cricketer Greg Chappell in his times of financial hardships. Chappell, who had a remarkable cricketing career in the 1970s and 80s didn’t have a fundraising testimonial event by the end of his career. The Australian cricket community stood together in solidarity to organise a testimonial lunch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). 

The event was hosted by Eddie McGuire and featured the likes of several eminent figures including Ian and Trevor Chappell. Not only this, but they also initiated the GoFundMe page to launch financial assistance to Chappell. Notably, Chappell scored 24 centuries in 87 matches, but despite a notable career, he didn’t enjoy financial benefits like today’s players. 

The former Australian player had said that while many assume that cricketers live a life of luxury, this isn’t the case with many players from his tenure. The 75-year-old had appeared in an interview with and said that while he is not in dire financial crisis, he is not enjoying benefits like current players enjoy. 

Chappell said, “I certainly don’t want it to sound like we’re in desperate straits, because we’re not, but we’re not living in luxury either. I think most people assume that because we played cricket we are all living in the lap of luxury. While I’m certainly not crying poor, we’re not reaping in the benefits that today’s players are.” 

The GoFoundMe page has already raised more than $72,000, reflecting respect and admiration for Chappell within the Australian community. 


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