Battle Stars World Cup Updates: Themed skins, rumble mode, grenades and more

Battle Stars, a made in India 4v4 shooter game, which features 13 superheroes now comes with the Cricket World Cup based themes and features. The update has added cricket tournament-based skins to its popular characters. Not only this, but the updated also comes with a new feature called Rumble Mode, which adds depth and strategy to the players’ gameplay. 

Speaking of the new updates, the cricketing tournament-based skins are for Techno (Men in Blue/India), Zak (Smashing Proteas/South Africa), Lord Musk (Raging Lions/England), Razor (Mighty Aussies/Australia). On the other hand, the Rumble Mode comes with an updated map as well as a “Pro” control scheme and access to grenades.

The latest updates also include Rumble controls which would enable the players to manually aim and comes with improved joystick touch input. The mode gives players a better control over their heroes. If we talk about the new maps, the game comes with revamped maps of Mumbai and Delhi in a single frame. 

Moreover, to enable players to call off fights quickly, the update offers players grenades.  Notably, Battle Stars, this game is not only India’s first hero shooter, but also the first content creator-driven game in India. The game has been designed with a player-first perspective, which involves creators at foundation level to make better games.


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