BGMI 2.9 update | BGMI A3 Royale Pass | BGMI 2.9 Rewards, and More

The highly anticipated BGMI 2.9 update is expected to hit markets very soon. The leaks and reports suggest that the forthcoming update will have a plethora of awards, ramped-up features and much more. Not only this, but the latest update will bring along the BGMI A3 Royale Pass with several awards and new tools.

In this article, we will have a look at the awards and features that are expected to make it to the BGMI 2.9 update. 

New Map

The upgraded version of Vikendi Map, Vikendi 2.0 is expected to make it to the game with the new update. The map is likely to have several upgrades and improvements. However, Vikendi 2.0 was publicly announced several years ago. 

Theme Mode

As all the updates have their own themes, the BGMI 2.9 update is likely to be based on Snow theme mode. Not only this, but the forthcoming update is expected to have a snowboard also.

BGMI M416 Glacier Return

Since the forthcoming update is based on snow theme, there are high chances that the M416 Glacier skin is likely to make a return. Not only this, but the high demand of the glacier is one of the reasons for the reintroduction of the glacier. 

Apart from the features, the 2.9 update will also have several awards that players would like to have a look at. Meanwhile, no confirmation of the release date has been made by the makers. 

Speaking of the awards that players can expect from the BGMI A3 Royale Pass, they are: Lunahowl Set, Lunahowl Mask, Gutsy Lass Cover, Gutsy Lass Set, Flashy Fox Sidecar Motorcycle, Circus Of Screams, Crossbow Skin, Nitro Maniac Cover, Nitro Maniac Set, Magic Puff Smoke Grenade, Luxurious Overlay – SCAR-L, Clockwork Ursa Backpack, Ghastly Gloom Helmet, Spectral Night Plane Finish. Uncanny Carnival – FAMAS, Deadly Carnival – M1014


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