Can Netherlands still qualify for semifinals in the World Cup 2023? – Check Here

The Netherlands have won two games in the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023 edition against South Africa and Bangladesh to stay alive in the tournament. The Netherlands with two wins in six games still have a small ray of hope to qualify for the semi-finals of ODI World Cup 2023. Here, in this article, we will see how is is possible.

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The remaining schedule of Netherlands in ODI World Cup 2023:

vs Afghanistan in Lucknow, 3rd Nov

vs England in Pune, 8th Nov

vs India in Bengaluru, 12th Nov

Current Points Table of ODI World Cup 2023:

South Africa – 5 wins (6 games)

India – 5 wins (5 games)

New Zealand – 4 wins (6 games)

Australia – 4 wins (6 games)

Sri Lanka – 2 wins (5 games)

Pakistan – 2 wins (6 games)

Afghanistan – 2 wins (5 games)

Netherlands – 2 wins (6 games)

Bangladesh – 1 win (6 games)

England – 1 win (5 games)

Note: Points Table updated till NED vs BAN (Match-28)

Now Netherlands can end with a maximum of 5 wins in this ODI World Cup 2023 if they go onto win their remaining three games in the tournament.

If Netherlands win their remaining games, then teams like Afghanistan, England and India will lose one more game.

– Bangladesh already have five losses in the tournament, hence they will stand below Netherlands in the table.

– England already have four losses in the tournament and if they lose to Netherlands then they will also have five losses and stand below Dutch in the points table.

– Pakistan should lose one more game in their remaining schedule. Pakistan should lose one more game against either against Bangladesh (or) England respectively and it will be better if Pakistan beat New Zealand.

– Sri Lanka should lose two more games in their remaining schedule. It will be better if Sri Lanka loses their matches against India and Bangladesh while they can defeat sides like Afghanistan and New Zealand respectively.

– Afghanistan should lose two more games in their remaining schedule. As per above statements, Afghanistan will lose to both Sri Lanka and Netherlands hence they will stand below Netherlands in the table.

– New Zealand (or) Australia should lose all their remaining games in the tournament. As per above statements, New Zealand will lose to Pakistan and Sri Lanka already. New Zealand should also lose another game against South Africa to stand at just 4 wins in points table.

– Australia will play their remaining games against sides like England, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. Australia should lose all these three games if New Zealand manages to win against South Africa.

If all these happens then Netherlands can qualify for semi-finals of ODI WC 2023 with five wins in the table by going past six sides like Bangladesh, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and New Zealand/Australia.

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