CoD Mobile Mystic Dunes Draw: Rewards and release date leaked

Season 4 of the Call of Duty Mobile is currently underway, but the players are waiting for the debut of the Mystic Dunes Draw. The newest addition to the game would add a buzz in the dynamic gaming community. While there are no official confirmations yet, leaks have revealed the details of the draw, along with its highlights. According to reports, the Legendary HBRa3-Lucid Sands would be the showstopper. 

The weapon blueprint would not only ensure top-notch in-game performance but also have a stunning design in order to become an addition to players’ loadouts. The focal points of the HBRa3, Lucid Sands, and Klepto Ageless Sands have been included to revolutionise the in-game journey for players and provide them with upgraded abilities as well as unique aesthetic flair. 

The CoD Mobile officially announced the release date of Mystic Dunes Draw, and according to this, Mystic Dunes Draw will be released on April 28, 2024. It goes without saying that the announcement has sent a wave of excitement among the fans and the entire gaming community. The leaks also suggest that a blend of character and weapon skins will be introduced along with the Mystic Dunes Draw. 

The list of rewards suggested by leaks are:

Legendary HBRa3 – Lucid Sands Epic Character – Klepto – Ageless Sands Epic AGR.556 – Doom Glyphs Epic Machete – History’s Edge Epic Helicopter – Doom Glyphs Epic Jetpack – Doom Glyphs Epic Cluster Grenade – Doom Glyphs Epic Emote – Sirocco Salute Legendary Calling Card – Mystic Dunes Legendary Charm – Mystic Dunes  


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