Disney F1 documentary of Brawn GP featuring Keanu Reeves to release on November 15

A formula 1 documentary based on the Brawn Grand Prix’s 2009 season is set to be released globally on November 15. The documentary will be narrated by the Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, and will be out in four parts, titled as Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story. The F1 docu-series will be out on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the USA. 

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Apart from being the narrator, the actor has also been credited as the executive producer of the upcoming docuseries, which goes behind the scenes with ‘understaffed, underfinanced and independent team’. The team somehow beat all the odds to win the F1 world championship with both car and driver in 2009. The Brawn GP was a late addition to the grid, when Honda decided to opt out. 

Ross Brawn, the former Technical Director for the Honda Racing F1, Ferrari and Benetton teams, bought the team from Honda for USD 1.22 when the Japanese team withdrew from the sport in December 2008. In this way, Brawn not only formed a new F1 team, but also saved the jobs of many. 

The team consisting of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello came on the top of the race as well as the opening stage of the season. They went on to clinch the F1 title in Brazil later that year. The highly anticipated series will feature both the racers, along with the likes of owner Brawn, who will provide the insights of the historic win. 


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