Everton to face 12-point deduction after Premier League demands severe punishment: Report

Everton are likely to face a 12-point deduction after the Premier League demand for a severe punishment after the club failed to stick to the Financial Fair Play rules. The club were charged by the Premier League in March for violating the fair play rules after recording financial losses of $451.2 million over three years while the competition’s limit is $127m. After this, it is believed that the football authority wants a severe punishment for them in order to set a strong example. 

If found guilty, Everton will face a 12-point deduction, and on the basis of that, they will move to the bottom of the standings with -5 points. Such punishment would be enough to banish them in each of the last two seasons. According to reports by The Telegraph, the club’s case is being reviewed by an independent commission. 

Not only this but if implemented, it would also be the biggest points deduction in the history of the Premier League. Earlier, Portsmouth were punished with a nine-point deduction in 2010 for entering administration. Other than them, Middlesbrough were also given a three-point deduction for postponing a game at short notice when they didn’t have enough players on the field in 1977. 

Everton is likely to get relegated as they are currently placed in the 16th position in the Premier League, which means they are just three points above the drop zone. 


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