Female referee sacked for ‘promoting betting’ joins adult content website

Female football referee Valeria Andrade, who was sacked for her involvement in an online gambling site quit the sport to join an adult content site. Andrade was fired as an assistant referee from Mexico’s top pro football division, Liga MX, when her involvement in the promotion of a betting site came out in February 2022. However, in just a year of her sacking, she turned around her career and became an Instagram content creator.

Valeria now has a following of more than 1,50,000 followers on the most popular social media platform. Her fans had been requesting the former referee to join an adult content website, and it seems that she has accepted it. The 30-year-old announced that she signed up for the adult platform Bsocial to show off her pictures and videos.

The referee-turned-social media sensation requested her fans to sign for USD 7.25 per month. Since the time she was asked to quit, Valeria has been using her social media to post her pictures and videos along with the notes she receives from her followers. 

After she was fired, the former referee opened up on it and said that it was an excessive performance. Andrade was in conversation with ESPN where she said, “I feel like I killed someone when in reality, any mistake can be made by anyone. I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t rape anyone. What I would most like is for them to no longer speak ill of me. My name has already been stained.”


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