Fortnite to collaborate with Thor: Ragnarok, release new Marvel skins: Reports

Epic Games’ popular battle royale title Fortnite will reportedly come up with an exciting collaboration that will introduce new character skins based on the Marvel universe. According to leaks and reports, Marvel heroes like Hulk and Hela would join the playable roster, which would add to the overall excitement and iconic characters in the gameplay.

Famous Fortnite leaker HypeX revealed that Marvel Universe’s Thor: Ragnarok would be the inspiration behind new playable skins in the game. Fortnite players might see Hulk wearing gladiator garb, which would be similar to his appearance in the epic fights of the film. The skin kit would have black bling and weapons used by Hulk in the battle against Thor.

Apart from that, Hela’s skin will have the movie-specific outfit and her deadly Necrosword as a weapon. While there are no official updates and confirmations about the collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel, they can expect exciting content as Star Wars will soon return to Fortnite in May. According to the latest teaser, the Star War and Fortnite collaboration would kick off on May 3.



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