Free Fire India release with Diwali event announcement

After the release of the Free Fire India, the battle royale game, was postponed on September 5, there have been constant rumours about when it will return. The announcement about the Diwali event from Free Fire India, which will be held on October 27, has fueled speculation about the release of the game when the Festival of Lights arrives.

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Diwali, the widely celebrated festival in India, is the theme for the upcoming event for the Free Fire India. Although the announcement for “Diwali is Coming” event for the game is going viral on social media, there is no official confirmation from Garena about when Free Fire Max will be released in the country.

The post from the official Free Fire India account on Instagram, regarding the Diwali event, was sent out on Tuesday, October 25. The excerpts of it read, “We can’t wait for Diwali 2023! Stay tuned for 27 October as we celebrate the victory of Good over Evil!”

The new Guild System 2.0 for Free Fire Max to be released on October 31

Amidst the speculation for the release of the Free Free Max in India during the Diwali season, the game is set to have the new Guild System 2.0, which will be released on October 31. It will offer the players the chance to take part in guild-level missions and tournaments, along with the chance to win amazing rewards.


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