Gerard Pique falls off the stage at an event; Shakira fans call it ‘Karma’

Gerard Pique, the former Barcelona and Spanish footballing star, fell down a hole and disappeared completely from sight, while he was focused on using his phone, which led to Shakira fans calling it “Karma” on social media. The incident happened in Mexico, during the launch of the Kings League Americas competition in the country, a seven-a-side tournament, on Tuesday, October 24.

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The Kings League was established by Gerard Pique last year in Barcelona, Spain, which he has now taken to the Americas, as part of the expansion plan. At the launch event, he oversaw the presentation for the Kings League Americas, before he went to the side of the stage to greet the fans.

The 36-year-old was apparently listening to a voice message on his phone while making his way towards a young fan, to take the Barcelona jersey from him for signing it. But, he couldn’t spot the gap between the stage and the barrier, before falling into a hole, which was reportedly two metres deep as per Marca.

Watch the video of Gerard Pique falling down here:

Gerard Pique is believed to be fine after the incident and the situation didn’t escalate any further. Shortly afterwards, when Adri Contreras, a sports content creator asked him about the incident, he made light fun of it, and said, “A bit of a show, I landed on my feet.”

In the last 18 months or so, the former FIFA World Cup winner from 2010, has been in the news consistently, after splitting with pop star Shakira, following a 11-year relationship. His former wife, with whom he shared two children, claimed that Gerard Pique was unfaithful to her.


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