Hyderabad Cricket Association bans two cricketers over age fraud

For forging age certificates, the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) has banned two junior cricketers for five years, in a massive crackdown for the first time in history. Mohd bin Hussain Babillail from U-19 cricket, and Shashank Mehrotra from U-23 cricket are set to not feature in any of the squads for Hyderabad as per the information shared by the CEO of HCA Sunil Kante on October 8, Sunday.

According to Sunil Kante, they had learnt about many allegations on certain U-19 players in connection with their age and domicile recently. They asked the Hyderabad Police to verify documents of the players in question, which led to them finding out that the couple of players had fudged their records.

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The U-19 player was picked in the Hyderabad squad prior to the revelation, while the registered U-23 player was eligible for selection as well. Sunil Kante spoke about their response to forged age certificates, as per Times of India, which read, “We are removing both of them from the squad and banning them for five years. We are also lodging criminal cases against them for fraud.”

The CEO of HCA stated that they had taken this action to send a message to the parents and coaches that age fraud or any other activity of this kind will not be tolerated. He said, “It denies meritorious players a chance to play for the state. This should serve as an example. A player from another state was named in the U-19 squad. That player has also been removed from the U-19 squad.”

“We are not looking at how old they are etc. We are concerned more about the documents that the players submitted. The cops confirmed that some of the documents are forgeries,” he added.


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