I just make everyone look stupid: Australia opener David Warner slams his trollers

Australia opener David Warner, who is in his best form off late, hit back at his critics. Warner said that his explosive form has shut all his critics and made them look stupid. Warner has played finest cricket in the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023, scoring 413 runs, which include two hundreds and one fifty in six matches for the five-time world champions. 

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Scoring 163, 104 and 81 runs in the last three matches for his side, Warner became the second-leading scorer. Speaking about the criticism he has received from his critics, Warner told cricket.com.au, “Everyone keeps writing me off. I’m doing as well as I can, I’m just trying to go out there and start as well as I can up front in the first 10 (overs). If I get in, I try and make the most of it.”

The in-form opener added, “It’s also awesome to have Heady and Mitch there as well, because it allows that pressure to keep being put back onto the opposition.” The 37-year-old added, “Nup. I just make everyone look stupid,” when asked if the doubters were fueling him. 

Speaking about the reigning champion’s chances of making it to the qualification, the Aussie said, “It’d be nice. But they’re the teams that are the most dangerous when there’s nothing to lose. They’ve got some very, very (high) quality players and we have to respect it. They bat to 11 and their bowling unit is very good.” 

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