If we’re fit enough, why not? – Rafael Nadal ready to pair up with Carlos Alcaraz at Paris Olympics 2024

Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal shared an exciting prospect of possibly pairing up with fellow Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz at the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024. Nadal recently returned to the circuit after suffering a muscle tear in the second round of the Brisbane Open 2024. On the other hand, Alcaraz has also been dealing with injuries and missed the Monte Carlo Masters with a hand injury.

With both players competing in the ongoing Madrid Open, Rafael Nadal was asked about this possibility during his appearance on the IGUALES podcast. The two-time Olympic gold medalist expressed excitement about this possibility and pointed out how they share great camaraderie which will help them play as a team.

If we’re fit enough, why not? – Nadal on playing with Alcaraz

“Carlos doesn’t have to ask me anything, all things being well, we’ll play,” Nadal said. “It’s also hugely exciting for me. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve heard it is for him too.  So it would be great to play the odd tournament before the Olympics to prepare ourselves and to get some rapport on court.”

It’d also be good for the Spanish team:  Rafael Nadal

“I think if we’re both fit enough, why not? We could have the chance to form a great team and aspire to great things,” said Nadal. “It’d be good for both of us. I think it’d also be good for the Spanish team, so we’ll see how things progress. I hope to be good enough to be a good partner for him, I’m sure he will be for me. We’ll see where that takes us. I also hope to be able to work together a bit first.”


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