James Maddison calls 18-month-old kid “Spurs fan” over dart-throwing technique video

Tottenham Hotspur star midfielder James Maddison recently responded to an 18-month-old’s viral video, where the “young man” could be seen throwing darts with a spectacular technique. The 26-year-old England midfielder claimed that the kid is a Spurs fan as the footballer is famous for his dart celebration after scoring or assisting a goal for his team.

Evidently, James Maddison’s trademark celebration is throwing darts due to his love for the sport. Maddison is an avid darts player and used the celebration for the first time during his time at Leicester City.

In a viral video on social media, a young child, who is reportedly 18 months old, shocked netizens with his spectacular dart-throwing technique. The video got a lot of attention from several users, including James Maddison, who quoted the video with the caption, “👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Definitely a spurs fan the young man 😉🎯”

Maddison’s dart celebration became a topic of discussion when his England teammate and Arsenal star Bukayo Saka hit his celebration after scoring a goal against the Spurs in the London derby. The Spurs midfielder revealed the reason behind Saka’s celebration is the pre-match banter between the two England stars.

Watch the video here:

While talking at the World Grand Prix 2022, Maddison revealed the reason behind his celebration and said, ” The first time I did it was Newcastle away and it was during the Worlds.  It was very much a topic of conversation and me and a few of the lads; Jamie Vardy, Luke Thomas, and Harvey Barnes, we play darts all the time. ”

He added, “Every away trip we get the board up when we’ve got time to kill and we play.  I’ve got a board at home and I practice all the time!”


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