Kyle Walker verbal banter | Kyle Walker Arsenal staff fight | Kyle Walker Arsenal staff verbal banter

Manchester City star Kyle Walker was involved in a verbal spat with an Arsenal staff member on October 8, Sunday. The incident took place following City’s defeat against Arsenal 0-1 in a Premier League fixture that took place at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday night. The game turned out to be an exciting affair with Arsenal registering the win with a narrow margin. 

Following the match, when the players were making their way back to the tunnel, Kyle Walker, along with Erling Haaland, got engaged in an argument with a staff member of Arsenal. The conflict took place over a controversial decision given by the match officials that went against City, which eventually led to their loss in the game. 

It was when an Arsenal staff member intervened, believing that the players were arguing without any reason, which led to an exchange of words between him and Walker. Haaland, then, walked over to the pair to defend his teammate before things got more heated up. The City manager Pep Guardiola refused to address the issue in his press conference. 

Addressing the media, he said, “I know what happened, but I don’t want to say. They know it.” Speaking about the match, he said, “We had our moments, they had their moments. The rest was equal, and in one action they won. Arsenal made it difficult. Congratulations to Arsenal – that’s all I can do. We know exactly what we have to do, and we’ll do it.”

With their 1-0 win, Arsenal moved to second position in the standings, levelling Tottenham at 20 points. 


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