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The much-awaited boxing fight between internet personality and professional wrestler Logan Paul and mixed martial artist Dillon Danis was won by the YouTuber-turned-WWE superstar on Saturday night by disqualification. After the bout, Logan Paul gave a victory speech while sitting on his brother Jake’s shoulders and also celebrated the win with his fiance Nina Adgal.

The fight went to the six rounds as Paul reportedly landed 82 punches, while Danis landed just nine in the first five rounds. However, in the sixth round, Paul avoided Danis’ MMA-style grapple on his leg. Later in the final seconds of the fight, Danis tried to put Paul into a guillotine chokehold.

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The Youtuber got out of the chokehold and punched Danis, who was on the mat, as the referee tried to separate the two after the incident. However, things went too far when the 30-year-old American couldn’t hold himself and went on the attack. The security guards jumped in the ring quickly and Danis continued throwing punches at security with Logan’s brother Jake also involved. Danis was disqualified while Paul maintained a unanimous lead till the five round.

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After winning the bout, Logan Paul celebrated the victory by hugging his fiance and supermodel Nina Adgal, who was targeted by Danis on social media. The WWE star, who featured in his first boxing match since an exhibition two years ago against Floyd Mayweather, celebrated the win with his brother Jake Paul.

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A video has also surfaced on social media, where Logan can be spotted sitting on his brother’s shoulder and giving his victory speech. The Maverick said, “I really wanted to knock him out so badly but I told myself I wasn’t going to go in their fight with the emotion, one thing we did do is beat that f*cki*g bitch’s ass!”

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On the other hand, Logan Paul’s friend and his Prime Energy Drink partner KSI lost his bout against British boxer Tommy Fury on Saturday night and claimed that he was robbed.

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