Michael Blackson calls out Kevin Hart after signing Celebrity Boxing contract

Michael Blackson, the Ghanaian-Liberian-American actor and comedian, has called out Kevin Hart for a fight, after signing the Celebrity Boxing contract with the founder Damon Feldman. The star of “The Michael Blackson Show” trash talked his way into a potential bout with other celebs, including Katt Williams, DeRay Davis, and DC Young Fly.

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Notably, there had been a lot of beef between Michael Blackson and Kevin Hart, the fellow actor and comedian, but it was quashed a couple of years ago. Although, we may be seeing a change of heart from the 50-year-old, who seemingly wants to renew hostilities with his former nemesis, inside a boxing ring.

Damon Feldman, the founder of Celebrity Boxing, had Michael Blackson sitting next to him, when he said, as per the video obtained by TMZ, “Celebrity Boxing is officially signing Michael Blackson today. Big news coming.” After signing on the dotted line, the US-based actor and comedian made his intentions very clear by dropping the name of Kevin Hart on a dime.

He was quoted as saying, “Who’s coming to the place? Who’s for you punk b****, m*****s****** wanna get in the ring with me? Who are you? Who is it gonna be? Is it a m***** Kevin Hart? Is it leprechaun Katt Williams? Is it a punk b**** hazel-eyed light skinned b**** named DeRay Davis? Is it a crackhead looking punk b**** DC Young Dirty Fly? Who wants some of this?”

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