Pirelli to continue as F1 tyre supplier until 2027 after piping Bridgestone

In breaking news, Pirelli, the Italian multinational tyre manufacturer, has been confirmed to stay in its role as the tyre supplier of F1 until 2027, with an option of a one-year extension. On October 10, Tuesday, they defeated the Japanese multinational tyre manufacturing brand Bridgestone to win the contract with F1, which was put out to tender earlier in 2023.

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F1 selected Pirelli as their exclusive tyre supplier for the World Championship and global tyre partner until 2027, after FIA, the governing body of the motorsport, put forward their name alongside Bridgestone for the commercial deal. Notably, Pirelli has been the sole supplier of tyres in F1 since 2011, when they took over the role from Bridgestone.

The statement from F1 on their website about having Pirelli as their tyre supplier read, “Throughout this time Pirelli has always engaged positively with drivers, teams, the FIA and Formula 1 to deliver tyres to enable excellent racing, analysing data and gathering feedback to continuously improve the product year on year.”

The President and CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicali was involved in making the final decision of selecting Pirelli, leading to his statement on their website, which read, “Since returning to the sport in 2011 Pirelli has been an invaluable partner, supporting Formula 1 through new generations of technology and technical regulations and delivering tyres to enable fantastic racing for our fans.”

Pirelli, whose latest commercial deal will ensure their association with F1 for 18 straight seasons, has been able to respond to a series of sporting and technical changes needed in the sport throughout their time. They have fulfilled the request to deliver 13-inch high degradation tyres for 2011, wider tyres for 2017, and introduce current 18-inch tyres for 2022.


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