PUBG Mobile A4 Royale Pass: Release Date, Leaked Rewards, and More

The next PUBG Mobile A4 Royale Pass is expected to be released in the next month, i.e., it will be in November 2023 that players will be able to play the upgraded version. PUBG Mobile A3 Royale pass is currently live, and the updated version will be the 26th royale pass in the game. Needless to say, the forthcoming pass will be accompanied by several updates and features that will altogether enhance the experience of players.

Speaking of the leaked rewards for the A4 Royale Pass, players might come across a Mythic outfit, which will be a futuristic-themed female outfit skin. The Mythic outfit is likely to be available at the level 100 of the pass. In addition to this, rumours have it that a number of new Legendary weapon skins, including that of the DBS.

Other than that, the new royale pass will have a number of skins available for the vehicles as well, which include UAZ, Dacia, and Coupe RB. In addition to all of this, players will get other gifts also, which include  parachutes, emotes, and avatar frames. If we talk about other rewards that PUBG Mobile A4 Royale pass is expected to offer, it includes, UC, silver fragments, and experience points.

If reports are to be believed, the players would be able to purchase the  A4 Royale Pass for 600 UC or the elite pass for 1200 UC. Needless to say, the elite pass will have access to more features and updates.


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