PUBG Mobile Speedy Showdown goes live; check details here

On Sunday, October 15, Tencent made an announcement that the next event of the PUBG Mobile, known as the Speedy Showdown, is now live in the game. The newly created fast-paced and action-packed gaming event will run from October 27 to 29, which will allow the players to challenge themselves to win a lot of exciting rewards, including exclusive skins, weapons, and vehicles.

For players to participate in the PUBG Mobile: Speedy Showdown, they will have to collect Speedy Tokens, which can be earned by completing daily missions and challenges in the game. And then, these Speedy Tokens can be used by the players for purchasing items in the event shop of the Speedy Showdown.

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The information has come out that the PUBG Mobile: Speedy Showdown will have the players getting dropped into a map, smaller than usual, to make them fight for their survival while taking part in intense close quarters combat. The map will also be shrinking faster than it usually does, in the game, to make the players think quickly on their feet.

As per the report in InsideSport, the PUBG Mobile: Speedy Showdown will have a lot of new features apart from the new mode. The two new weapons will be SPAS-12 shotgun and the P90 submachine gun, the two new vehicles will be the Monster Truck and the Dune Buggy, while new cosmetics will be skins for weapons, vehicles, and characters.

In their post on X, PUBG Mobile shared the link for the Discord server to get more details for the Speedy Showdown, without needing to register. Meanwhile, the winner of this event will be awarded with Unknown Cash (UC) and an avatar frame.


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