Ryan Garcia claims intimacy between Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather’s daughter caused their beef

Ryan Garcia, the American professional boxer, claimed that the beef between Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather began after Davis had s** with Mayweather’s daughter. Gervonta Davis claimed that Floyd Mayweather has been holding money from various boxers recently, and in response, “Money” posted a video of “Tank” dancing half-naked in a derogatory attack on his personality.

Notably, Floyd Mayweather had trained Gervonta Davis in the early stages of his career, but they started to grow apart after Tank won the world championship in 2017. After Davis decided to fight solo, leaving Mayweather’s promotion, Money wasn’t too pleased with his decision.

Prior to defeating Ryan Garcia in a professional boxing match last year, Gervonta Davis had accused Floyd Mayweather of ejecting him from a gym during his fight preparation. Just a year later, Garcia has come out with a shocking revelation about how Davis and Mayweather’s beef began, with the daughter of the “Money” getting dragged into it.

Madison Beer and I are secretly dating: Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia took to his official X account to send out a cryptic post overnight, talking about dating Madison Beer, the American singer and songwriter, in secret. The American professional boxer, who had recently defeated the WBC World Super Lightweight Champion Devin Haney, is also well-known for his antics on the social media platform X, and this post could turn out to be one of those.

Moreover, Oscar de la Hoya, the promoter of Ryan Garcia, claimed Garcia is set to make around $30 million for his boxing match with Devin Haney, and the amount could have doubled since he managed to secure the win.


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