Sadio Mane buys French fourth-tier club Bourges Foot 18

Sadio Mane, the Senegalese and Al-Nassr star, has bought the fourth-tier French club Bourges Foot 18, with an announcement being made on their website, on Wednesday, October 25. It has been reportedly stated that the 31-year-old was looking to purchase a football club for quite some time, and his relationship with the President of the French club, Cheikh Sylla played a role in him getting the deal done.

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Notably, in the recent past, Sadio Mane had contributed some funds to Bourges Foot 18, to help them in recruiting players, as per the report in ESPN. But, now, he is fully involved with the club, after the mayor of the city of Bourges, Yann Galut, gave his approval to the purchase.

Bourges Foot 18, located 250kms away from Paris, are currently second from bottom in Group B of the Championnat National 2 for the 2023-24 season. The excerpts of the statement from the club, regarding the purchase from Sadio Mane, read, “Bourges Foot 18 is proud to officially announce the structural support of Sadio Mané. An international star, Sadio Mané is now one of the best footballers in the world.”

Sadio Mane also sent out a video message following the completion of the purchase of Bourges Foot 18, and said, “We’ve been working with the city for the past three years. We’re here to nurture and organise the club. The challenge is immense, but if the people of Bourges remain involved, I’m confident we can achieve our goals. I believe I’ll be visiting Bourges very soon.”


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