The testing was a joke: Dillon Danis slams Logan Paul’s negative drug test results

Dillon Danis, the American MMA fighter, has called the negative drug test results of Logan Paul as a “joke,” in his post on social media platform X. The 30-year-old had lost the boxing match against the YouTuber-turned-boxer in a lopsided contest, registering next to nothing in terms of offence throughout the bout on October 14, during the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event, at the AO Arena in Manchester.

The boxing fight between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul ended on a sour note, after the combat sports athlete tried to do a takedown and guillotine choke on his opponent inside the squared circle. Although Danis was unsuccessful at his attempt against Paul, the brawl insured in the boxing ring moments later, which led to his disqualification.

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Within a couple of weeks, Logan Paul sent out a video on his official X account, talking about his drug test results conducted by VADA. He captioned the post, “The truth”, and said, “I got my result back from VADA. I want to address the steroid allegations before you see any news.” 

Then, the co-founder of the Prime sports drink went onto slay the haters in his own unique style, blurring reality with fiction. Paul continued, “I want to confess that I’ve been taking a lot of Prime Energy and putting it in my mouth and then swallowing it. And that gives me a good boost for my workouts which makes me have a good physique. The results are negative. Haters you’re gonna have to keep trying. No performance-enhancing drugs like I said. Good luck next time though you f****** dorks.”

It led to Dillon Danis, who has been visibly hurting after a one-sided beating at the hands of Logan Paul inside the boxing ring, slamming his negative drug test results. His post on X read, “The testing was a joke, literally. Piss test after fight, famously easy to beat. Old man in the room wasn’t even paying attention. You’re a juicehead, and you proved that with the way the testing was done.”


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