Tottenham Hotspur Stadium vandalized; Police arrest individual

An individual has been arrested for vandalising the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during the international break. These actions have led to a damages running into six-figures, according as per reports.  The incident, which reportedly occurred on Monday night, was considered to be related to anti-semitism but no relations between the two were found. 

The speculation surfaced as Spurs have a close relations with the Jewish community. These Jewish groups have reported a sudden rise anti-semitic incidents following Hamas’ attack on Israel and subsequent breakout of war in the Middle East.

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Tottenham Hotspur also released a statement about the incident and confirmed no links to  anti-semitic issues. The statement said,  “We can confirm that an individual was arrested for criminal damage following an incident that took place on Monday night.  There is no indication that this incident is linked to anti-semitism.”

Whereas, the Metropolitan Police have revealed that the suspect was also charged with possession of Class B drugs. Further talking about the damages, Daily Mail reported, Spurs could face damages costing in  excess of £100,000 ($121,000).

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The Tottenham Hotspur stadium will be in action again as they welcome NFL on Sunday. North London will see the Baltimore Ravens taking on the Tennessee Titans before converting back to football form for Spurs’ Monday night appointment with Fulham the following week.


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