Travis Kelce & ‘significant other’ Taylor Swift auction off Eras Tour tickets at Mahomes’ charity gala

In a star-studded charity gala organised after Patrick Mahomes’ 15 and Mahomies Foundation Vegas Golf Classic in Las Vegas, power couple Travis Kelce described his partner Taylor Swift as his ‘significant other’ during the couple auctioned off tickets for her  Eras tour. Kelce and Swift have taken the world by s torm as one of the most talked about power couples in pop culture.

The 15 and Mahomies Foundation Golf Classic gala took place on April 27, where  Kelce affectionately referred to Taylor Swift as he got up on stage during an auction. Kelce revealed that the ‘Shake it off’ singer had agreed to put four tickets for her Eras tour up for auction at the event. 

Has anyone heard of the Eras tour? – Kelce at Mahomies Foundation auction

Speaking to guests, Kelce said, “I think, um, I was just talking to my significant other and uh, we might have one other auction item that wasn’t on the docket.”  Kelce then asked, “Has anyone heard of the Eras tour?” as guests in the room cheered loudly in response. 

Eras tour tickets go for  $80,000:  Auctioneer Harry Santa

Auctioneer Harry Santa revealed in a separate Instagram Story that the tickets sold for $80,000. Santa shared, “The tickets sold for $80,000 then @patrickmahomes started launching signed footballs for $10k each!”


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