UFC 294: Alexander Volkanovski vs Islam Makhachev | Volkanovski replaces Oliveira UFC 294

The UFC 294 main event between champion  Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira in a lightweight title rematch has been changed as featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski will step in to replace the injured Brazilian fighter for the main event in Abu Dhabi on October 21.

UFC CEO Dana White announced the change in the main event at the UFC 294 after Oliveira suffered a cut on his eyebrow during a sparring session on Tuesday night. White was seemingly frustrated with the Brazilian and his team while he lauded Volkanovski and his team for taking the challenge at short notice.

White addressed the issue in a presser as he stated that Oliveira was supposed to take a flight on Wednesday, however, a wide cut on his eyebrow adjudged him medically unclear to compete. The UFC CEO also lashed out at Oliveira’s team for not informing in time and said, “Round 5 of sparring last night, before he’s (Oliveira) supposed to jump on a plane today, splits his eyebrow wide open. Had it stitched up last night. Obviously can’t fly out here with that.

“They didn’t call us. We would have had him go to a plastic surgeon. They would have sewed it from the inside out, get that thing done the right way. These guys never call us like they should when something happens. They call us after they get it stitched up. On the flip side, too, I could see him not wanting to risk it, getting a shot like this.”

Dana White lauded Volkanovski and his team for accepting the challenge and replacing Oliveira for the UFC 294 main event in a title rematch against Islam Makhachev. The 35-year-old Australia gave the Russian champion a tough competition in their previous battle which was won by Makhachev by a unanimous decision.



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