Valorant Mystbloom Bundle: Release date, Price, Colour variants, and More

The Valorant recently dropped an update around their recent release of the Switchback Bundle. The game also includes the latest weapon package, the Mystbloom, which is set to be released alongside the Valorant Episode 8 Act 3.  Brewing with the excitement, the Valorant Mystbloom Bundle is expected to be released on April 30. 

In the video shared by Valorant on X, the Mystbloom collection features lotus, which follow a colour scheme of blue, orange, and purple. “Bask in blooms when the Mystbloom bundle hits your shop,” Valorant captioned the post on X. 

The Valorant’s Mystbloom includes four different weapon skins as well a melee options. The four are listed below:

Melee: 4,350 VP

Judge: 2,175 VP

Phantom: 2,175 VP

Sheriff: 2,175 VP

Operator: 2,175 VP

Moreover, it is to be noted that the Vandal is no longer featured in the Mystbloom Bundle. It has been replaced by the Phantom. 

What are the colour variants for Valorant Mystbloom?

With ever growing debate around the pink tint of the Valorant Mystbloom Bundle, the various available colour variant provide dimension to the ensemble. In the trailer, the Valorant Mystbloom depicted angry Sheriff and a tranquil, cool blue Operator. Moreover, a magnificent purplish-white Judge made its appearance, drawing attention.

The melee weapon’s inspect animation also adds an extra layer of fun to the Mystbloom bundle. Speaking of the features, in the Valorant’s Mystbloom Bundle, the skin will have its distinct killing animation and gunshot sounds to enhance the gameplay experience. 



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