WATCH: Ben Stokes, Liam Livingstone escape auto rickshaw accident in India during ODI World Cup 2023

Ben Stokes, who is currently playing in the ODI World Cup 2023 for England, shared a video of himself with his teammate Liam Livingstone, and the coaching staff member Andy Mitchell, in which they escaped an auto rickshaw accident on Indian roads. The 32-year-old was sitting alongside Liam Livingstone, describing the heart-pounding moment on a podcast for his brand 4CAST, as part of the “India Diary.”

During the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023, England have been in some of their worst form as a limited overs side in nearly a decade. They have suffered four losses in the first five matches of the flagship tournament, which has put their chances of reaching the semi-final stage next to impossible.

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Notably, Ben Stokes and Liam Livingstone have struggled on the field in India during the ODI World Cup 2023, and they haven’t had much respite off the field either.

On the latest episode of 4Cast’s podcast, shared by Ben Stokes on his official Instagram account, described the near accident they had, while travelling in the auto rickshaw and said, “So, me and Livi (Liam Livingstone) are pretty big lads, and we also had our strength and conditioning coach, Mitch (Andy Mitchell), who is even bigger than us.”

Watch the video of the near accident for Ben Stokes and Liam Livingstone here:

“Now, tuk-tuk’s (auto rickshaws) aren’t very big. So, you can imagine that we were pretty squashed in the back of his tuk-tuk. This is the one I got (Ben Stokes shows the video on his phone). We were just running up to the roundabout here. Does not slow down and, yeah, there he goes!” he continued.

Liam Livingstone chimed-in and said, “It’s the car that comes across from the other way in a minute. There.” And then, Ben Stokes remarked, “Oh my word, he’s nearly taken us out!”


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