WATCH: Dana White gives chuckling reply to journalist’s request for Bruce Lee’s removal from EA UFC 5

UFC President Dana White, who is known for his brutally honest remarks and has gained a reputation among fans and media for the same. White is always up for sharing his thoughts, despite caring who’s going to think otherwise. UFC 5 that was released on October 24 came with improved gameplay and better graphics. While many new characters have been added, old players including Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee and Dana White are still there. White recently gave his thoughts on requests to change the characters. 

Dana White was in a Power Slap press conference when an MMA Mania journalist Alex Behunin asked him about the fact that UFC 5 was missing a lot of ranked fighters and whether he would push to get them on the game roster. The UFC head was then quick to retort and asked the missing players. 

The journalist then went on to name many fighters missing in the game, such as Sean Brady and Adrian Yanexand. The conversation that got further extended where they discussed names of the UFC players who should be removed from the roster to make place for new names. Behunin, on this, told White “Bruce Lee can out of the game,”, to which he replied, “F*ck you,” while chuckling. 

Even though it is not likely that UFC 5 will make significant changes to the roster, White said that he would make the suggested changes happen. 



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