WATCH: Haas F1 unveils special ‘Stars & Stripes’ livery for United States Grand Prix 2023

American F1 team MoneyGram Haas has unveiled a special livery for the upcoming American Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Haas had another disappointing performance in Qatar where Kevin Magnussen and Niko Hulkenberg held on to 14th and 16th place finishes and will hope to get a better result in Texas.

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With Haas returning to the United States, the American team has presented a special USA-themed livery which takes inspiration from the ‘Star-Spangaled Banner’. Haas also showcased driver race suits, last week, which also sported the ‘Stars & Stripes’ design including the team’s tagline for the weekend, ‘We The People’, which is the opening line of the United States Constitution.

Check out Haas’ new USA GP 2023 Livery Here:

Alongside the new livery, Haas is to bring out a new upgrade package for its VF-23 cars. Team principal Guenther Steiner explained how the team will look to improve the aerodynamics and work on improving the downforce and reducing drag. As quoted by, “The upgrade on the VF-23 is aerodynamic,” said Steiner. “We changed the concept of the car because what we started with, because of the new regulations last year, we couldn’t make any more gains performance-wise.”

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“Creating more downforce and less drag, it just wasn’t there anymore, so we needed to change concept, to which is commonly known as the ‘Red Bull concept’ or the ‘downwash concept’. It is a substantial update, and we’re able to do this within the cost cap because we didn’t have any updates at the beginning of the season because again, going back, we couldn’t find any performance that we could make parts to put on the car.”


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