WATCH: Montpellier FC vs Clermont FC match called off after firework lands near goalkeeper; latter stretched off

The Ligue 1 match between Montpellier FC and Clermont FC was abandoned on Sunday, October 8 after a major mishap. The match which was going in favour of the Montpellier side and was in the injury time, was called after a firework stunned the players on the field, especially the goalkeeper.  

The Ligue 1 game between the two sides saw Montpellier leading 4-2 when a pyrotechnic landed near the visiting goalkeeper Mory Diaw and went off as he was preparing to take a kick. Notably, the firework was thrown from the crowd which left Diaw in shock as the medical team was called in to check on the Clermont keeper.

While he received the treatment on the field, the 30-year-old was taken off on a stretcher with the officials calling in a meeting. “The doctor who examined the Clermont goalkeeper certified that he was not in a condition to return to the field. The match I therefore halted definitively,” referee Florent Batta was quoted by BCC as he informed the media at Stade de la Mosson.

Talking of the home side, the Montpellier were heading into their first home win of the season, despite being reduced to a 10-man side. While Mousa Al-Taamari scored the opening goal in the 16 th  minute, the scores were levelled by a strike from Yohann Magnin in the 26 th  minute. The battle went neck and neck as two more goals came in, one for the visitors and the other for the home side by a 76-minute strike from the Jordanian footballer, Mousa Al-Taamari helped the side take a 4-2 lead.

The home side, Montpellier FC sits in sixth place in the Ligue 1 table, having played eight games and having a goal difference of five. Montpellier will take on Nantes on October 22 at the latter’s home turf.


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