WATCH: Young fan gets selfie and autograph from Lionel Messi after Inter Miami’s 0-1 loss

A die-hard Lionel Messi fulfilled his wish of meeting his idol after Inter Miami’s 1-0 loss against  Cincinnati. Coming off an injury, Messi couldn’t produce another magical moment to carry the Flamingos out of trouble. Further, the loss also ended Inter Miami’s chances to reach the top nine of the Eastern Conference and therefore are out of the playoff race.

Now Inter Miami have two more games left in the season before the 2024 campaign in February. After the match,  one young supporter ran out on the pitch for a selfie. But the young kid was intercepted moments before he could meet the 36-year-old. 

Messi’s bodyguard,  Chueko held away the young fan, allowing him to meet the Argentine star after Messi’s approval.  Here the kid took a selfie with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner and got his jersey signed, before leaving the pitch again.

Watch the video here:

Talking about Messi, Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas talked about how he wants to live up to his promise of a match with FC Barcelona. As quoted by Marca, Mas said,  “I gave [Messi] my commitment that I will do everything possible in the coming years so that he has the opportunity to say goodbye to his fans in Barcelona.”

“Inter Miami will go [to Barcelona] or we will have some kind of match. Messi’s departure from Barcelona was not to his liking, he could not say goodbye to his club, which welcomed him as a child, and I think the circumstances were not what Lionel wanted,” he added.


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